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The first step to a successful truck driving career

Post Date - Jul 19, 2023

Many times, proper footwear is the first step to not only a comfortable day but also a safe one. Ascend wants to help professional drivers have more comfortable careers from head to toe, so here we’ve put together some need-to-know info on picking out the best footwear available for CDL-A drivers.


Proper footwear is an essential part of keeping you safe and injury-free, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Since CDL-A drivers regularly get in and out of their trucks, unload pallets, and lift heavy boxes, the right footwear lays a sturdy foundation and reduces the risk of back injury. Proper footwear keeps the pain away while you rack up the miles!

At Ascend, we have policies in place that help keep you safe not just while you’re in the driver’s seat, but also while you’re out of it at terminals and loading facilities. We encourage our drivers to wear brown or black steel-toe boots that are slip resistant to protect you from the possible impact of a falling object or from slipping. You should also keep an eye on your laces, making sure that they are tied securely to prevent them from becoming a tripping hazard. While we ensure that our terminals, maintenance facilities, and vehicle yard abide by all the proper safety measures, we also know that accidents can happen, making proper footwear a crucial part of your safety. And when you’re out on the road, conditions can range greatly, making safe and comfortable footwear a top priority.


Professional drivers spend long stretches of time pressing down on their trucks’ gas and brake pedals, making it even more important to find a supportive shoe that will ease any possible discomfort. Look for shoes that have a comfortable and plush insole and padded ankle to absorb the shock from using your feet throughout the day. Looking into water-resistant boots, typically made from leather, is another effective way to up your comfort as they help protect your feet in rainy and snowy conditions.

Something that you may not initially consider when picking out a shoe, but that definitely impacts the driving experience, is the weight and sturdiness of the shoe. Experienced CDL-A drivers have said that driving with heavier shoes was easier because it meant they had to apply less pressure to the pedals while driving, saving their feet and ankles from fatigue.

Keeping your feet and ankles injury-free and comfortable is essential to keeping you moving. Like a good work shoe, Ascend supports our drivers through it all. Connect with us today!