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Summer Driving Tips

Post Date - May 31, 2023

Summer is right around the corner! As our minds turn to cookouts, swimming pools, and fun in the sun, we’re reminded that we’re already halfway through the year. It feels like we were just talking about Santa Claus and cold weather driving tips! But as we look forward to summer and all the fun activities that come with warm weather, safe driving should remain at the forefront of our minds.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) did a 24-year study of driving accidents and found some sobering statistics about summer driving.

  • In descending order, August, July, October, June, September, and May are the months with the most traffic fatalities.
  • December is the next highest and the only winter month on the list of the six most deadly months.
  • June, July, and August have 29% more deaths than December, January, and February.
  • Summer driving sees a 20% increase in miles driven than winter months.

    Being well-prepared for summer driving, whether in a tractor-trailer or your personal vehicle, is the first step to ensuring that you don’t become a statistic. As America hits the highways this month, here are some essential summer driving tips to safely get you to your destination.

    Construction Zones
    Summer is construction season on our highways and byways. When approaching road construction, aim high in steering to spot brake lights and be sure to employ a minimum of six seconds following distance. Remember, construction zone lanes are often narrower than standard lanes and may vary from normal traffic patterns. Most of all, slow down. Speed limits decrease in active construction zones.

    Vacation Traffic
    With many people going on vacation, there will be more cars on the road, which will lead to heavy congestion. Be aware of drivers operating vehicles that they may not be familiar with, such as wider recreational vehicles or vehicles towing boats or campers. Scan for impatient drivers who show signs of road rage, out-of-towners who are not familiar with the roads, and cars that have stopped on the shoulder.

    Teen Drivers
    Once school has ended, teen drivers will look for things to do, which may mean going on joyrides. There will be plenty of distractions, and their lack of driving experience may inhibit sound judgment. Keep a lookout and stay away if you see someone texting or not paying attention to the road.

    Warmer weather means more people will be hitting the road on motorcycles. Motorcycles and trikes hide in blind spots and can accelerate much faster than automobiles. It’s important to be vigilant and always know what is around you. Check your mirrors before changing lanes. If you don’t know, don’t go!

    Please remember these tips as you drive throughout the summer months. If we all do our part, we all get home safe. The Ascend Safety Team hopes everyone has a happy, fun, and safe summer!