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Pension Consultants Inc (PCI) 401(k) Retirement Guidance

Post Date - Jan 5, 2023

Planning for your financial future with Ascend

At Ascend, we believe in the importance of giving you the respect you deserve and the benefits you want. This not only includes programs that help meet your current needs, including our medical insurance benefits and flex spending account, but also ones that help you plan for the future. Along with our 401(k)-retirement plan plus company match, we’re proud to offer our drivers financial planning through RetireAdvisers.

What is RetireAdvisers?

RetireAdvisers through Pension Consultants, Inc., is a service provided to our drivers to help them learn about and plan for retirement.

What does it include?

You’ll meet one-on-one with a consultant who will help you determine how much you should be saving for retirement, your investment options and other long-term planning decisions. The goal is to help you stay on track for your retirement.

How else does this benefit me?

Your session with RetireAdvisers will give you the confidence to make well-informed decisions. You’ll also receive a report summarizing the guidance you received and your next steps. If you decide you need additional support in the future, RetireAdvisers will help you make changes and evaluate your retirement plan.

Ascend knows what drivers want because we continually give them the opportunity to share that with us. We touch base with our drivers periodically throughout the year to get their thoughts and ideas about their jobs, where we can improve as a company and about the industry as a whole. If you’d like to know more about the benefits we offer at Ascend or to join our team, connect with us today!