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MetLife: Caring for your visual health

Post Date - Mar 22, 2023

Ascend understands the stress that comes with caring for your own health as well as your family’s while you’re on the road. So, we’re excited to have MetLife Vision as a driver benefit program that reduces the stress and cost of prioritizing your health.

What is MetLife Vision?

MetLife Vision connects you and your family to a wide range of vision services that support your overall health and wellness. From routine eye exams to glasses and contact fittings and additional savings on services like laser vision correction, MetLife is the right choice for affordable, flexible, and comprehensive benefits.

Why should I enroll?

Routine eye exams are essential to maintaining your overall health and wellness. While not commonly known, vision screenings can help detect issues like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure early in their progression, making them less threatening to your health. MetLife also makes it easy for you to visit your eye doctor regularly, with nationwide coverage in thousands of private practices and public retail stores like Eyeglass World and Walmart. And MetLife Vision is set up to be costefficient, reducing your out-of-pocket costs for vision care.

How will this help me save?

Without a vision plan, eye care costs can begin to add up. MetLife can get you up to 60% off on vision services and eyewear. Certain lens options, like shatter-resistant ones for children up to age 18 and ones with ultraviolet protection, are covered in full. In addition, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings, progressive lenses, and more have fixed copays.

We believe in transparency with our drivers, so we broke down the total cost savings when you use MetLife. Visiting an eye care professional without MetLife can cost over $700. With MetLife, you save an average of $514! Moreover, an eye exam, frames, lenses (progressive included), UV or antireflective coatings, and annual premiums total $301 with MetLife – a significant cost saving!

How do I enroll?

You can sign-up for a vision plan through MetLife during the open enrollment period. MetLife has competitive group rates and payments are automatically deducted from payroll, simplifying the process. If you are already enrolled, the team at MetLife is ready to answer any questions – call 800-436-6388 to get connected to a benefits consultant!

For more information on MetLife Vision and what it can get you as an Ascend driver, reach out to us today!

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