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Improving your blood circulation for a better life!

Post Date - Apr 17, 2023

As CDL-A drivers, making time to care for your health amidst all your other daily tasks is important. We know how hard that can be, so as part of our efforts to improve wellness awareness, we’ve decided to compile research for you on one of the most common medical issues: poor blood circulation.

Causes of poor circulation

Blood circulation is one of the most vital processes our body accomplishes. It ensures blood and oxygen continuously flow throughout our system to promote proper organ and cognitive function, wound healing, and more. Simply put, blood circulation has a huge impact on our physical well-being.

Many American adults deal with poor circulation for a variety of reasons. Some causes include leading primarily sedentary lifestyles, smoking cigarettes, consuming a diet lacking proper nutrients, or having high blood pressure, diabetes, and possible blood clots. While the causes of impaired blood circulation are thoroughly researched and can be pinpointed, it can be a bit more difficult to recognize that you are dealing with a blood circulation issue. One of the first ways many people realize that they are suffering from poor circulation is by experiencing certain symptoms in their legs/feet. Keep reading for more info on how your foot health is connected to your blood circulation!

Link between circulation and foot health

When your blood is not circulating throughout your body as it should, your extremities like your hands and feet are the first to feel the consequences. People with poor blood circulation have cited their feet being constantly cold along with numbness, pain, swelling, a sensation of pins and needles, and discoloration.

Moreover, poor circulation has been shown to have a direct link to blood clots in the legs and increases the risk of developing peripheral artery disease which causes your blood vessels to narrow and limit the amount of the blood that can pass through, negatively impacting your health.

Ways to improve circulation

Compression socks, medical socks that apply a light, consistent pressure to your legs, are one of the top ways to improve your blood circulation while maintaining your foot health. These socks aren’t painful despite their snug fit, and encourage better blood circulation! Plus, they’re perfect for CDL-A drivers as you can wear them while you drive! Under Ascend’s comprehensive medical plan available to employees, compression socks are covered as Durable Medical Equipment/Medical Supply. This is only in-network coverage.

You can also do stretches to improve your blood circulation. As you move and stretch, the blood vessels in your body will expand, allowing for better blood flow and in turn, better blood circulation! A study done by Harvard Health showed that by completing leg stretches and promoting better blood flow, you decrease your chance of developing heart disease and suffering from a stroke.

If you end up needing to consult a medical professional to get you on the road to proper blood circulation, Ascend’s medical plan ensures that only 20% of the co-insurance has to be covered out-of-pocket after the deductible has been met. 

Your health should be a top priority for your carrier. Connect with Ascend today to get the support you deserve!

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