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How to Prepare for International Roadcheck 2024: A Truck Driver's Guide

Post Date - Mar 27, 2024

International Roadcheck is an annual three-day event organized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) to ensure the safety compliance of commercial motor vehicles and drivers. The upcoming International Roadcheck, scheduled for May 16-18, 2024, will focus on anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and cargo securement. To help Ascend drivers prepare for this high-visibility inspection and keep any anxiety at bay, here are 10 essential tips and guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful inspection process.

Tips for Preparation:

  1. Thorough Pre-Trip Inspections:
    • Conduct comprehensive pre-trip inspections to ensure all vehicle components are in working order.
    • Pay special attention to brakes, coupling devices, driveline components, lighting devices, and other critical safety features.
  2. Update Driver Records:
    • Ensure that all driver records, including the commercial driver's license, medical certificate, and hours-of-service documentation, are up to date.
    • Verify compliance with the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse and check seat belt usage.
  3. Cargo Securement:
    • Verify that cargo is properly secured and within weight limits to prevent risks on the road.
    • Regularly inspect and maintain the security of cargo to avoid potential hazards.
  4. Vehicle Maintenance Records:
    • Keep vehicle maintenance records up to date to demonstrate compliance with inspection requirements.
    • Ensure that the vehicle is current on inspections and has no critical violations.
  5. Tire and Lighting Inspections:
    • Inspect tires for proper inflation, cuts, bulges, and tread wear.
    • Check all required lamps, including turn signals, headlights, and taillights, for proper color, operation, and visibility.
  6. Brake System Checks:
    • Conduct thorough brake system checks, including inspection for missing, non-functioning, or loose parts.
    • Check for audible air leaks and ensure the air system maintains pressure within the specified range.
  7. Coupling Devices Inspection:
    • Inspect coupling devices for strength, proper attachment, and secure mounting.
    • Verify that locking jaws are engaged around the kingpin and check the release lever for proper seating.
  8. Fuel and Exhaust Systems:
    • Check fuel tanks for loose mounting, leaks, and missing caps.
    • Inspect exhaust systems for unsecured mounting, leaks, and components in contact with electrical wiring or brake lines.
  9. Frame, Van, and Open-Top Trailer Inspections:
    • Inspect for corrosion, cracks, loose or missing crossmembers, and defective body parts.
    • Check the condition of hoses, suspension of air hoses, and axles on trailers.
  10. Detailed Inspection Checklist:
    • Follow a comprehensive checklist covering brakes, coupling devices, fuel and exhaust systems, frames, lighting, securement of cargo, tires, wheels and rims, hubs, steering, and suspension.

Preparing for International Roadcheck 2024 is crucial for truck drivers to ensure a smooth and successful inspection process. By following these tips and conducting thorough inspections, you can feel confident about demonstrating your commitment to safety compliance and handling the inspections with ease. At Ascend, we want our drivers to feel safe and prepared behind the wheel. For more information on how to get a career started on our team, connect with us today.