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Debunking myths around smokeless tobacco

Post Date - Dec 1, 2023

It’s no secret that smoking tobacco is harmful to one’s physical health, but did you know that smokeless tobacco is just as dangerous? At Ascend, we fully support our drivers in their journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle, so we want to help debunk some of the myths about smokeless tobacco.

Smokeless tobacco, which can also be known as snus, snuff, or dipping tobacco, is described as moist tobacco that you tuck into your cheek, or between your lips and gums. Tobacco companies have advertised that it isn’t as detrimental to your health as cigarettes, but health experts are adamant that it can impact your health just as negatively. Here are the top three commonly held beliefs about smokeless tobacco that aren’t true despite their widespread popularity.

#1 Smokeless tobacco helps people kick the habit

There is no proof that smokeless products help people stop smoking. The studies that have been conducted on this practice found mixed results or no conclusive evidence. Additionally, smokeless products set you up for other health problems.

#2 Smokeless tobacco is harmless

Experts say that at least 28 chemicals in smokeless tobacco can lead to cancer. Smokeless tobacco has been linked to esophageal, oral, and pancreatic cancers. And the health risks don’t stop there. You have a higher risk of developing heart disease, mouth and nasal cancer, and are more likely to suffer from dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

#3 Smokeless tobacco isn’t as addictive as cigarettes

The central point to understand is that all tobacco products are addictive. When the nicotine levels in the blood of both smokeless tobacco users and smokers were studied, there was no notable difference. When using smokeless tobacco, nicotine goes directly into the blood; once there, it stays longer.

Tips for quitting

While using smokeless tobacco is an addictive habit, it is totally possible to leave it in the past. And although it may be difficult to stop, it will greatly benefit your long-term physical and mental well-being!

  • Ask for help and support from family, friends, and coworkers
  • Discuss therapy/medication with your doctor
  • Join a program that promotes ending addiction

Ascend is here for our drivers, every step of the way and every mile driven. Feel like your carrier could be doing more? Connect with us today.


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