` Ascend - Ascend offers needed supplies to people affected by floods & hurricanes

Ascend offers needed supplies to people affected by floods & hurricanes

Post Date - Oct 11, 2021

In late August 2021, flood waters devastated Waverly, Tenn., not far from our headquarters in Jackson. The flood killed 20 people as it took out houses, roads, cellphone towers and telephone lines. It was a heartbreaking disaster with more than 270 homes destroyed and 160 taking major damage.

Our drivers and staff at Ascend immediately began gathering needed supplies, clothing and food to deliver to the area. Ascend dropped off a trailer for donations and collected pet food, work gloves, tarps, cleaning supplies, trash bags, water, toiletries, baby care items and more. Additional donation tubs were set up at various other locations to accept donations through September 3. The response from our Ascend family as well as Tennesseans across the state was fantastic!

As a matter of fact, the donations were so generous, we have additional supplies and goods we’re taking to the areas that were most impacted by Hurricane Ida. While there is usually a surge of support immediately after a disaster, there are ongoing needs that must be addressed weeks and months later.

With that in mind, Ascend is working closely with area churches in Louisiana to determine where donations will have the biggest impact on the community and how to distribute the items that are most needed.

Our greatest strength at Ascend is our generous and hard-working people! We are very proud of their strong sense of community and desire to help others in need.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Ascend culture, please connect with us today!