Post Date - Mar 18, 2022

Ascend drivers are among the safest on the road but we all know that an unfortunate or unwarranted violation has serious consequences for professional truck drivers. That’s why Ascend offers membership with Drivers Legal Plan: To support our drivers in protecting their CDL from unnecessary traffic convictions or other legal issues.

What is Drivers Legal Plan?
Drivers Legal Plan was designed in 1991 by trucking company executives who recognized that with the advent of the CDL, unnecessary traffic convictions were going to have a deep and detrimental effect on their companies’ safety profiles and driver retention records. The basic concept of Drivers Legal Plan is simple: to make the highest quality legal representation available to the driver force, and to make it affordable. That makes Drivers Legal Plan the effective alternative to insurance/ referral agencies, that charge drivers substantial premiums, yet deliver inconsistent counsel.

How does it work?
To become a member, Ascend drivers pay a small payroll or settlement-deduction of $2.98 per week. If you never use the plan, your investment is minimal but if you need legal protection, you can afford the best. Drivers Legal Plan makes legal protection affordable for you.

What do Ascend drivers get?
With access to Drivers Legal Plan, Ascend driver members can be covered 24/7, in any vehicle you drive. With your deduction payment, there is no limit on attorney hours – start-to-finish. Members pay only $100 for any moving, non-moving, or DOT violation and $250 for a simple accident (no loss of life or limb). Other legal matters (drugs, alcohol, firearms, smuggling, etc.) are covered at 1/3 of normal agreed-in-advance legal fees. Also, members get a free DATA Q challenge included with every citation defense.

The “Trucker’s Attorney”
Drivers Legal Plan is entirely dedicated to CDL defense. Ascend drivers get a “trucker’s attorney,” whose livelihood depends solely on how well he represents truck drivers. Drivers Legal Plan has a comprehensive database of CDL cases, in essentially every court in this country, coupled with current CDL requirements in each state. This makes for an immediate and accurate assessment of each legal situation and tips the odds of success in our driver/client’s favor.

Why join Ascend?
Offering membership to Drivers Legal Plan is just one of the many advantages Ascend offers company drivers. Simply put, at Ascend we are people obsessed so we’re relentlessly committed to making sure your voice is heard. That’s why we are always on the lookout for unique and useful perks for our driving force like Drivers Legal Plan.

Join us and enjoy scheduled, quality home time you can rely on, top pay, great benefits and the chance to work with the best people in the industry. We look forward to hearing from you!