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A look at how CDL-A drivers can care for their vision health

Post Date - Aug 3, 2023

We see Eye Health and Safety Month is coming our way in August! Ascend is a huge supporter of our drivers (and their families), caring for every aspect of their health and having the resources to do so! With that in mind, here’s an overview of why eye health is so important, how you can care for your own, and how Ascend supports your overall health and well-being journey.

The importance of eye health

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration has established several requirements concerning the vision of CDL-A drivers since it is such an essential part of the job. These include:

  • Have a field of vision of 70 degrees in the horizontal meridian
  • Have vision of at least 20/40 with or without corrective lenses
  • Can recognize traffic signal colors (red, green, and amber)
  • Vision should not be actively worsening

One of the most important pieces of equipment a CDL-A driver can invest in is a quality pair of UV-blocking sunglasses, especially for those long hauls. This will protect your eyes from UV damage and reduce the overall strain on your eyes. Incorporating vitamins, A, C, and E in your diet also promotes eye health. And as small as it may seem, keeping your windshield clean and reducing nighttime driving will ease any unnecessary additional strain on your eyes. Once you put your truck in park for the night, it’s essential to give your eyes a break and avoid activities that could put further stress on your eyes, like staring at a bright phone or computer screen for too long or reading in low light.


Cataracts occur when the proteins in the eye lens break down and cluster together, making the eye cloudy. They’re typically a result of aging, but can also be the result of UV exposure, poor nutrition, diabetes, or trauma to the eye. Sometimes the clouding is minimal and does not result in interference with daily activities. However, cataracts are the leading cause of reversible blindness in America, and once vision is negatively affected, healthcare professionals recommend treatment. Unfortunately, there is no medical treatment for cataracts aside from cataract surgery. While surgery may sound drastic, cataract surgery is the most commonly performed and most successful in America! The risks associated with surgery are low, including the risk of pain, needing a second surgery, or loss of vision.

How Ascend supports eye health

Ascend offers our drivers and their families vision insurance, setting standards and leading the industry in coverage because, as CDL-A drivers, we know how imperative it is to maintain your eye health. Scheduling regular appointments with your optometrist, which is covered under Ascend’s insurance plans, is critical to catch any vision issues early on. If strain on your eyes is indicated, your optometrist may recommend specific eye exercises to keep them healthy or even prescribe eyewear that will alleviate the issue.

Your carrier should have the resources to support you in every aspect of your journey. Connect with us today to learn more about our amazing driving opportunities.